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Programs & Services

  • Juvenile Justice
    Volunteers of America Northern Rockies’s mission is to support Wyoming’s juvenile justice community in its efforts to best serve Wyoming’s youth.
  • Milestones Youth Home
    Milestones Youth Home provide children a nurturing environment that includes education, preparation and advancement services to those who are in a crisis or court-ordered to be there.
  • A.C.E. Program
    Accountability, Change, and Education Program is the only privatized school suspension program in the State of Wyoming.
  • Independent Transitional Living
    The Independant Living Program teaches life skills to youth that have experienced incarceration, treatment, homelessness or out of home placement.
  • Johnson County Youth & Community Services
    Johnson County Youth & Community Services provides sanctioning options to the courts and accountability for youthful offenders to ultimately deter juveniles from crime.
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