Impact Stories

Mindy for website story

Mindy’s Story

Mindy’s journey from addiction to finding sobriety through God.

When Mindy arrived at VOA, her addiction had taken control of her life. She now lives clean and sober life, and found her way back to God through the Christian Enhancement Program.

Barbie’s Story

There is no shame in getting help when you need it.

Barbie found hope and healing at Volunteers of America.

Life on His Own

Dakota’s impressive transition into adulthood.

When Dakota first arrived at the Independent Living program, he didn’t even know how to buy groceries. Now, he has all the skills he needs to live independently.

The Strength to Start Over

Ronnie faced many obstacles as he searched for stability, but he finally has a place to call home.

Ronnie faced many obstacles as he searched for stability, but he finally has a place to call home.

A Little Christmas Magic

Stuffed Stockings for Struggling Kids

This Christmas, our generous donors helped us to fill a stocking for each of the children receiving services here at Volunteers of America.

Stacey’s New Home

Overcoming Addiction and Homelessness

Stacey was about to leave the VA Domiciliary and find himself living on the streets once more. With VOA’s help, he now has a safe place to live as he continues to work towards the life he wants to live.

Nick’s Life Story Dance

Hope and compassion for others on the Red Road

Nick shares his life story dance and a little about the transformation that took place during his time at The Life House.

A Veteran and His Dog

From Instability to a Happy Home

Mark and Deacon had not eaten for a week when they came to VOA. Now, they have stable food, shelter, transportation, and income.

A History of Re-Entry

Maud Ballington Booth’s Legacy

Co-founder Maud Ballington Booth was committed to helping previously incarcerated individuals transition back into society. We continue that work at Booth Hall in Gillette, WY.

Older Woman smiling on couch with flowers

Starting over at 72 – From a Tent to an Apartment.

Ruth’s Story of Strength, Bravery, and Hope.

Ruth left her abusive husband. She had nothing but an old car and a tent from the dumpster. Now, she has an apartment and a community.

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