Transitional Housing

As part of our mental health continuum of care, we operate two transitional living facilities in Cheyenne, Wyoming. When mental health concerns reach the point of crisis, we are able to provide housing and case management services that focus on stabilization and independent living skills.

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Crisis Stabilization

Serenity Place is a crisis stabilization facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming where individuals in need of strong support can find assistance. Our main goal at Serenity Place is to help clients get out of crisis and begin to work with case managers towards long-term stability.

Serenity Place is often the entry point into our continuum of care, and we work with clients from the point of crisis towards a point where they are living with their diagnosis.

Supported Living

Mirror Lake Manor is our transitional supported living facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Clinicians and case managers work with residents towards specific independence skills. With targeted goals, clients work with staff towards independent life. On average, residents stay at Mirror Lake Manor for six months before moving on to an appropriate long-term housing arrangement.

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