Milestones Youth Home

Milestones Youth Home is a residential facility for youth ages 10-17 located on the VOA campus in Sheridan, Wyoming.

For families and youth in crisis, Milestones provides a structured environment that promotes social skills, stability, and education. Residents learn life skills and work with our staff to create and enact a plan for integration to their families or society more broadly. 

Milestones also serves as a runaway/homeless youth shelter, which is always accessible to youth. 10-17 year olds in need of food and shelter are welcome, and should not hesitate to reach out for assistance.

At Milestones, we are committed to promoting the life and social skills that will help our residents achieve their goals and become healthy and independent adults. A focus on accountability and social awareness helps youth in our program understand their role in their interactions with others, and encourages the development of life skills that will serve them long after they leave Milestones. 

For more information, or help deciding if Milestones is a good fit for your needs, please reach out. 

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