Native American Services

Volunteers of America Northern Rockies is committed to offering NACEP as an adjunct to Primary 12-Step Treatment within gender specific treatment programs.

We currently offer at both The Life House (Men’s Facility) and The Gathering Place (Women’s Facility) a high intensity, long-term, medically monitored co-occurring residential treatment program (ASAM 3.5). The NACEP is offered to residents as an enhancement to their residential treatment program. The NACEP is intended to teach those struggling with alcohol, drugs or gambling addiction(s) to integrate the teaching from NACEP to get clean and sober.

After a resident has completed the admission process, they are placed in their respective facility. Residents have the first two-weeks after admission to explore all adjunct or enhancement programs offered with Primary Treatment being the focus. After two weeks a resident can choose to commit or not to commit to the NACEP.

For those who choose to commit to the NACEP they will participate each week in up to 15 hours of NACEP focused groups and activities, including a Therapeutic Sweat Lodge.

The curriculum includes Process Group, Mending Broken Hearts, Grief/Trauma, Cultural Traditions, Red Road to Wellbriety Book Study, and Therapeutic Sweat Lodge, and tribal events, as well as regular in-house and outside AA/NA/Self-help group meetings. Note: groups subject to change. In addition, there is an opportunity to participate in Morning and Evening prayer, Spiritual Reflection, and Smudging. Groups include lectures, open discussion, guest speakers, and presentation of homework that is shared in a supportive and caring environment.

The goal is to successfully reintegrate residents back into their rural community while maintaining a strong, sober recovery process and working toward sharing the message of the program in their home communities. To reach this goal, the program focuses on teaching, introducing, or reintroducing the importance of tribal spirituality and culture to live in harmony with traditions.

Native American Treatment Programs

NACEP is White Bison Certified at both The Life House and The Gathering Place and is open to anyone who is interested in committing to and participating in the program.

Native American Treatment Programs

For more information contact our admissions department at 1.866.Get.2.VOA or

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