Suicide Prevention

Staff Sergeant Parker Gordon Fox Suicide Prevention

The Moral Injury: Mending Wounding Souls program offers free services to heal the pain and reduce veteran suicide. 

If You Or A Friend Needs Immediate Help, Please Call 911, The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline At 988, Or Text “WYO” To 741-741 For The Crisis Text Line.

Awareness & Education

An important step in suicide prevention is awareness. Many veterans with PTSD who have learned about moral injury have stated, “That is the missing piece in my healing!” They were being treated for PTSD but no one ever asked about the shame, guilt, or betrayal they experienced. Our expert team of moral injury specialists offers community education to colleges, universities, businesses, first responders, veteran organizations, and one to one. We can help you understand moral injury, PTSD, and the effects of both as leading causes of veteran suicide. We will also show you evidence-based strategies for healing from moral injuries including our peer-to-peer program.

Peer to Peer Healing Groups

Research shows that peer to peer support is as effective or even more effective than one on one therapy for moral injury. Mainly because moral injury isn’t a clinical diagnosis to be treated – it’s a soul wound to be healed.
Our Moral Injury: Mending Wounded Souls peer to peer groups are veteran led and meet 90 minutes a week for 8-12 weeks. The group explores moral injuries through story-telling, provides a process for dealing with loss and grief, lays out a way to work through forgiveness, and then gives you a way to reconnect with faith, hope, and community.


We provide a weekend retreat, at no cost, to veterans and their significant others. These retreats explore an individual’s moral injury, provide a way to process loss and grief, and start the healing journey of forgiveness of self or others. It’s highly experiential with lots of activities, free time to do your own thing, and social time to build relationships with others who share a similar experience. Retreats start late Friday afternoon and end around noon on Sunday.



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