Moral Injury Education

Awareness & Education

Our team of Moral Injury Specialists are the region’s experts on moral injury. We offer, at no charge, community education to colleges, universities, businesses, first responders, veteran organizations, mental health providers, and one-to-one. We are also available to do staff training for your organization. We will come to you, or we can provide virtual training as well.

We can educate you, your staff, your students, or your organization on the following:

• What is moral injury?
• What is PTSD?
• How is moral injury different from PTSD?
• What are the effects of both as leading causes of suicide?
• What are the evidence-based strategies to heal from moral injuries?
• How does our peer-to-peer program work?
• What materials exist for further reading and learning?
• What are some resources for suicide prevention?

Please complete the form to have one of our expert Moral Injury Specialists contact you regarding a presentation.

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