Court-Ordered Classes

Individuals charged with domestic violence or driving under the influence are often required to attend classes that address the dangers presented by their offenses. 

Volunteers of America leads these classes with compassion and the understanding that they are important to the process of preventing recidivism. 

DUI Classes 

Led on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month, excluding holidays. The classes take from 8a-5p. 


All Fees Paid in Advance

Required Documents

Domestic Violence Offender Treatment & Assessments

Assessment Requirements

  • Assessment fee of $200 paid in advance
  • Copy of police report
  • Must be completed before attending class

Class Information

  • Classes are $35/week
  • 3-Week Group:
    • 1st time offender
    • Book: $19.95
  • 26-Week Group:
    • Multi-time offender
    • Book: $29.95

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