Milestones Youth Home

Milestones Youth Home

Milestones Youth Home is a 10 bed residential facility for youth, ages 10-17, located on the VOA campus, in Sheridan, WY.

Milestones provides a structured environment that includes education, preparation and advancement.  A behavior management system is in place whereby youth earn points, privileges and independence in an effort to empower them to learn self-reliance for future success.

Milestones also serves as a runaway/homeless youth shelter, which youth and families can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Milestones staff will work with youth and their families to help them transition successfully back into the community.

The staff is committed to caring for the youth and families through healthy and meaningful relationships. Providing opportunities for individual growth, recognition for achievement, support and advocacy. Safety and protection of youth is the number one priority and staff works to recognize and celebrate the strengths in each child. Where problems exist, staff work as a team with youth and other community agencies to find a long term solution.

Youths that are not appropriate for admission to Milestones Youth Home have:

  • Recent history of violent episodes
  • Severe developmental limitations
  • Less than 10 years of age
  • Active suicidal tendencies
  • Severe psychiatric conditions that have not been stabilized by medication
  • Need for substance detoxification
  • Major medical problems that have not been stabilized