End Diaper Need

High Five - Give Size Five

You can help families today by donating size five diapers to Mommy’s Closet at 111 New York ST or by dropping them by City Hall, Rapid City Police Department, or Rapid City Fire Department.

• 1 in 3 families experience Diaper Need
• The average child uses 11,000 diapers
• Children without diapers can’t go to daycare, so their parents can’t work
• The poorest 20% of US families spend 14% of their income on diapers

What can you do? 

The best way to help is to commit to being a monthly donor, you'll be providing the basic needs for families through this crisis, and beyond.

You can also:

  • Make a one time gift, to avoid going out to buy goods, and to maximize your contribution (we are able to purchase diapers more cost-effectively than consumers)
  • Donate Diapers (size 5)
  • Donate Wipes (hygiene and baby)
  • Donate Formula (canned or boxed)

Your commitment allows us to continue to compassionately serve and strengthen young families and empower them to live healthy and happy lives across the Black Hills. Would you consider donating $25 or even $50 per month to Volunteers of America? For example, a contribution of $25 per month will provide 2,000 diapers annually. 

Your partnership provides the essentials and hope to those most vulnerable in our community. Thank you for supporting Mommy’s Closet, we cannot serve children in need without your continued commitment to young families. Please call us to discuss how you can help, or to arrange a time to drop off your donation. 


Kelly A. Folsom