Community Outreach Response

Give a Box of Hope

At Volunteers of America Northern Rockies (VOA) we serve the most vulnerable people in our communities. Our programs are critical, staff and volunteers are committed to keeping all of our services operational and even more. In this current time of trial and health concern, we are here to serve those at risk, to keep them in their homes or help them find housing, to help feed them, to give hope where there is none.

Volunteers of America is providing Food & Basic Need Boxes to those in need. The boxes are designed to help feed a family of four for a week, as well as provide some basic need and hygiene supplies for the family. Deliveries are one per vehicle, on a first come basis, and are planned each week for as long as there is a need caused by COVID-19, and funding allows.

Can you help? Give a Box of Hope below.
Food Boxes

Sheridan from 12:00 – 3:00p 
VOA Office - 1876 S. Sheridan Ave.
Buffalo from 11:00a – 1:00p 
VOA Office - 500 W. Lott

Riverton from 12:00 – 1:30p
United Baptist - 1201 E. Pershing Ave.

Gillette from 10:00 – 2:00p
Church of Christ - 1204 T-7 Lane

Food & Basic Need Boxes are also distributed to communities with need in Montana and South Dakota, as needed.

For those who need more support than a weekly food & basic need box, call the Community Outreach Response program at 307.672.0475. With funding from several foundations and generous donors VOA created a new Community Outreach Response program with funds available for those facing hardship due to the Coronavirus disease pandemic. The program can help those most impacted with rental and utilities assistance, to secure childcare, and to meet other special needs. This is a rapid response program, for those struggling to make ends meet due to COVID-19. 

Call the Community Outreach Response program to speak with staff about what financial assistance might be available for your unique circumstance. The program has staff available Monday–Friday from 8:00–5:00.

For those in a position to help, your donation of $35 today provides a food box to a household in need

Many of the families, young adults and Veterans we serve do not have the resources necessary to ensure their basic needs are being met. Our 17 offices across Montana, Wyoming and Western South Dakota remain committed to supporting those in need now more than ever.

Right now, you can join in our efforts to be there for the most vulnerable in your community. Will you give $35 to provide food for your neighbors in need? Your compassionate gift can feed, shelter, and give hope to men, women and children across Montana, Wyoming and Western South Dakota.

Join us today is serving the region’s most vulnerable. Help in this foreboding time.

VOA is eligible to receive funds from Donor Advised Funds

Add a Note of Encouragement

When Lucy and Jesse (pictured) learned their neighbors were in need of food, the siblings made loving cards to go with their mom’s monthly gift to VOA, and the cards will go out in the food boxes that their mother’s gift helps to support.

That gave us the idea to invite you to send notes of encouragement to go with the thousands of Food & Basic Need Boxes that are being distributed.

You can email pictures of notes of encouragement to Allison at or mail them to VOA at 1876 S Sheridan Ave, Sheridan, WY 82801. We will be sure that your note gets placed in a box of hope.

Thank You for standing alongside us, as we continue to serve those in need.

Notes of love