Center of Hope

Center of Hope

Center of Hope partners with the City of Riverton and Fremont County to offer three days of close observation, as well as 14 days of social detoxification and up to three months transitional living. Transitional living and Social Detox includes substance abuse assessments, daily exercise, morning meditations, evening checkout group, group therapy, living skills and grief and loss, AA/NA meetings, connection to resources for employment and housing as well as access to spiritual support services. The program receives funding through the Wyoming Department of Health. A full time clinician and case work- ers provide substance abuse assessments and Level I outpatient programming to those in the community in need of it.

Fremont County’s Need

There is a major need for Center of Hope in Fremont County. Healthier Fremont County Correlation Assessment report: In 2014 drugs and alcohol were involved in 58% of homicides, 67% of suicides, and 50% of accidental deaths in Fremont County. Fremont County has the high- est rate of alcohol related vehicle deaths in Wyo- ming: 14% of the state’s traffic fatalities occur in a county that accounts for only 7% of the popula- tion. Of these roadway fatalities, over 50% were alcohol-related.


Clients are typically referred to Center of Hope by the Riverton Police Department, Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, Wind River Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. Other referrals include self-referrals, SageWest Health Care and the judicial system.


Volunteers of America Center of Hope has handled 4,451 intakes since July 1, 2013 and of that number 222 were first time admissions. This includes 5,607 social detoxification and 1,701 transitional days. What these numbers mean is that we are seeing a larger number in the amount of individuals receiving treatment services at the Center of Hope for longer periods of time. This has resulted in 24 individuals going to residential treatment and 31 individuals going to outpatient treatment. This is significant because, since the merger with VOA, the facility has transitioned the focus to a true social detoxification model and we are assisting in providing various treatment options. Since we have a full time clinician and case manager, clients receive referrals to other community resources such as sober housing and vocational rehabilitation to aid them with their sobriety. The Center of Hope is proud to be able to assist those in need in our community.

Volunteers of America Northern Rockies brought 40 years of experience in substance abuse treatment, a three-year CARF accreditation, and administrative support when we began manage- ment of the Fremont County Alcohol Crisis Center in May of 2013 with the merger process being completed on July 1, 2014.

Center of Hope receives its funding for operation from a variety of sources including grants from Wyoming State, Riverton City and Fremont County. It is fully staffed 24 hours a day and 365 day a year to provide care and supervision to those we serve.

CARF Seal of Accreditation