Bill Daniels Chapel exterior

Bill Daniels Chapel

The chapel services at Volunteers of America Northern Rockies consist of a simple liturgy designed to meet our clients, staff, and volunteers with welcoming arms. We sing songs of God’s love as we praise Him for every good thing. We hear inspirational teaching from our ministry team members and partners that allow us to see the character of Christ more clearly. And we join in unity as citizens of His holy Kingdom as we come to the table of communion together.

group of young adults reading and writing

Bible Studies

Many of our programs have developed Christian Enhancement tracks where trained ministry volunteers lead those we serve in Biblical study. These small group times are a safe environment for everyone to participate in, regardless of their current knowledge of the Bible. We often see individuals who have never read the Bible before cultivate a hunger and desire for God’s word after attending. Themes typically include creation, sin and the fall, covenant, salvation, and life in the Christian community. If you would like more info about how to get involved with Bible studies in your community, please contact Nick Angeloff, Senior Director…

woman being baptized

Faith Coaching

What started as a mere idea is now a vibrant program offering spiritual support to our residential treatment patients, taking the wisdom from Proverbs that “iron sharpens iron, just as one man sharpens another.”  Faith Coach volunteers use their faith and passion along with the training provided by Volunteers of America to give a listening ear and Biblical guidance for those battling addiction.  Louann offers a deep pool of empathy and understanding to the patients she meets with. Openly sharing her own testimony of overcoming addiction with the help of Christ. By offering accountability and love to those broken by addiction,…

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