A Day for Cleaning

It’s not often that Aspen Grove gets a large group of motivated volunteers, so when Phillips 66 in Billings got in touch to see if they could help their offer was quickly and graciously accepted. 

Looking around the property, it was clear that the group had their work cut out for them. There were several dead plants, leaky drip lines, and planters and fences that badly needed staining. With direction from Aspen Grove maintenance staff, the Phillips 66 volunteers set to work. By the end of the day, the property was completely changed. 

The fence went from looking grey and weathered to a beautiful mahogany. Landscaping beds that were once filled with dirt and exposed plastic were gleaming with beautiful rock beds. Planters were not just stained but filled with plants, resulting in a beautiful display in the front of the facility. 

Thanks to this generous group of volunteers, the landscaping at Aspen Grove was completely transformed, much to the delight of our residents.

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