Women in Critical Need

Women in Critical Need

The Women in Critical Need program is designed to give timely and special financial and, when possible, mentorship assistance to women and their families who are in need of immediate assistance.

Specific criteria may include, but are not limited to:

  • rent payment to avoid homelessness or eviction
  • job opportunity and/or training
  • job necessities (clothing, tools)
  • educational opportunity
  • educational necessities
  • utility payment to avoid shut off
  • transportation assistance (license, insurance, gas card, bus fair)
  • transportation safety and repair
  • food needs
  • clothing needs
  • child care needs
  • child safety needs 
  • minor but essential medical help
  • temporary lodging

Each request for assistance will be confirmed and assessed by Volunteers of America staff as to legitimacy and the extent of assistance to be given.

The funding for Women in Critical Need has most recently been dependent on donors from the Sheridan, Wyoming community and believe in Volunteers of America to be good stewards with their donation.