Veteran Services

Veteran Services

Volunteers of America of the Northern Rockies is actively committed to serving our nation’s Veterans. We provide several programs that are designed to address the needs of our Veteran population and are working hard to assist in accomplishing the Veterans Administration's goal to eliminate homelessness amongst Veterans.

Volunteers of America provides services that are directed to Veterans of all military campaigns; from Vietnam to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. We are active in providing services to Veterans who have become homeless since serving in the military. Because many conditions do not become apparent until after our Veterans are discharged from service, it is possible for men and women to be out of the service for up to ten years before realizing they need help. Therefore we stand poised to offer our assistance.

Serving those that served

We are actively committed to serving our nation’s Veterans, with statewide programs in Montana and Wyoming.

Volunteers of America operates two transitional living facilities. Freedom Hall and is located in Sheridan, Wyoming and, Independence Hall and is located in Billings, Montana. These programs provide a therapeutic living environment for our veterans. In this environment, they are able to continue receiving treatment through the V.A. and are given opportunities to participate in activities designed to help them reenter into independent living, and reconnect with the local community.

The coordinators of both programs work hard to connect them with vocational training and education opportunities and offer life skills training to prepare them to lead successful lives. Both programs are working to create a strong community network that can work together to help our veterans reenter their communities

Are you a Veteran trying to register to vote? Click here for information about voter registration deadlines, a guide for new voters, and a voter registration link

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