Below are the current requirements for a prospective client to be admitted to any of our residential treatment programs:

  • Submit an ASI-ASAM based substance abuse assessment (Please have assessment faxed or mailed from individual completing assessment)
    • This can be completed at most mental health centers, counseling centers and substance abuse facilities
    • If one has already had an assessment, it must have been completed within the last 60 days to be current
    • However, if an assessment is completed under the AOAA act, then it is current within the last six months
    • Depending on the time frame, the client may be asked to have an updated assessment completed
  • Complete our Admissions and Intake form
    • Available online: Click Here
    • Available as PDF: Click Here and email a completed copy to
  • Send a copy of a current physical examination, with a list of current medications
    • A current physical is one that was completed within the last 60 days, by a doctor stating the client is physically fit and medically clear to participate in treatment activities
  • Provide a copy of a Negative TB test done within the last 6 months
  • Provide a letter from the client, letter telling us what is motivation to attend treatment
  • Any pertinent legal information, including but not limited to: court order, PSI (Pre-Sentence Investigation), legal representation contact

** Please know that your PSI report will not be accepted in place of your ASI/ASAM assessment**

The waiting time to be admitted into treatment depends on bed availability. This time from can vary day to day depending on cancellations, etc. The client may expect to wait as little as a week or as long as two months once all the admission information is submitted. The client will receive notification of a completed application from our office, thus it is important to have current address on file.

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