• Bible Studies

    We offer Bible studies to clients who seek them across Montana, Wyoming and Western South Dakota.

  • Chapel Services

    All are welcome at our chapel services as we seek Christ together as broken yet hopeful individuals.

  • Faith Coaching

    “Being a part of the new walk in Christ for those we serve during Baptism is one of my favorite parts of the ministry.” Louann, Commissioned Minister

  • Meet Jolene Winters & Julie Jerick

    Meet Mommy’s Closet, which has been providing the help families need for a decade. It started small, literally a closet, filled with boxes of diapers, baby food, baby wipes . . . and now its grown to where 80,000 diapers are handed out every year.

  • Meet Lionel Brown

    Meet Lionel Brown, 50 years old, from the Northern Arapaho Tribe. Today he is clean and sober. But for the past 35 years you might not have wanted to meet him. Likely stumbling and mumbling ‘you got a shot?’ Maybe just released from the Fremont County Crisis Center, once called the ‘drunk tank,’ or jail, and out looking for his next shot.

  • Meet Sophia Mascarena

    Meet Sophia Marscarena, some day she may be the surgeon who fixes your hip, replaces your knee, or maybe delivers your grandchild. “Whatever I do I will always credit Camp for helping me. To think back when I didn’t want to come. And now I want every kid to come.”

  • Bandana Barn Dance

    The Bandana Barn Dance is VOANR's largest fundraising event throughout the year, raising in excess of $100,000 for the programs of VOANR, annually.

  • Rise & Shine - Rapid City

    At Rise & Shine, our annual breakfast and fundraiser, local businesses, community leaders and individuals come together to celebrate the mission of Volunteers of America, Northern Rockies and to learn about people and programs that help create a bright, positive change in the lives of so many.

  • Empty Bowl

    Volunteers of America Northern Rockies will hold their annual Empty Bowl Event, Thursday, March 12, from 5:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at the Sheridan County YMCA, 417 N. Jefferson St.

  • Beaver Creek Slide

    The 12th annual Beaver Creek Slide and third annual Beaver Creek Bike Slog takes place May 2, 2015. The Sheridan Community Homeless Shelter, operated by Volunteers of America, receives $12.50 of each individual’s entry fee.