6,000 Push-ups

Dennis doing push-ups

Dennis Mohatt, of Sheridan, will be attempting to complete 6,000 push-ups to raise funds for Volunteers of America Northern Rockies (VOA) Veteran Services. The push-up challenge is taking place in February 20th at Anytime Fitness to help bring attention to American Heart Month.

Dennis has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and raising awareness for cardio-vascular disease (CVD). He explains that by doing push-ups regularly, “one can reduce their stress hormones, blood pressure, cholesterol and improve their overall heart tolerance threshold.”

He found inspiration in retired football player, Herschel Walker, who was still doing 3,500 push-ups each day even after retirement. Dennis started doing push-ups in his living room as a quick work out and to promote healthy living for his son. Over time, he increased to more and more push-ups, and now completes a minimum of 1,000 per day.

This is not the first time Dennis has completed a push-up challenge fundraiser that seemed impossible. Last year he set a goal to do 5,000 push-ups and completed 5,050 push-ups in 2 hours and 25 minutes. He is aiming to beat his personal best, and, in turn raise even more money for a local charity (Volunteers of America Northern Rockies).

As a Navy Veteran, Dennis has a passion for helping others. He explained, “being part of the military culture, it's fundamental that your primary obligation is to help your fellow shipmates”. With your help, he is striving to help others by raising funds for VOA Veteran Services, supporting a healthy lifestyle, and bringing attention to CVD.

You can make a tax-deductible gift directly to Volunteers of America at the form below, or by mailing a check to their office at 1876 S Sheridan AVE, Sheridan, WY 82801. VOA encourages donors to add a note of support and encouragement for Dennis and his push-up feat.