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Volunteers Of America Northern Rockies offers quality, evidence-based treatment in the areas of substance use disorder and behavioral health care in Montana, Wyoming and Western South Dakota. We pride ourselves on nurturing, training and supporting staff to provide the best service possible and to be their best selves.

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The VOANR Clinical Internship program includes supervision with trained, experience clinical supervisors. Professional growth is a priority and supported through competency-based assessment that informs an annual professional growth plan and vision.

Our Intern Supervisors prioritize collaboration with academic supervisors and academic goals, so our interns feel supported in all aspects of their experience. 

Our programming and potential experience for clinical interns include opportunities to: 

  • Work across the life span
  • Experience all aspects of clinical work, including: clinical assessments and diagnosing, treatment planning, group facilitation, individual therapy, family therapy, case management, case consultation, and other activities as needed to provide evidence based, quality clinical care
  • Work across services and modalities, including: individual therapy, group services, youth and family services, case management, internal referrals to needed services, and community collaboration with agencies such as the Department of Family Services, Probation/Parole, and other community partners. 


From One of Our Past Interns

Being an intern with Volunteers of America was an opportunity I have been very grateful for as it gifted me with significant reflection and personal and professional growth. I was thoroughly rewarded with the variety of clinical work, my fellow interns, and my individual and group supervision.

My supervisors were genuine, timely, and knowledgeable and they made me feel like an asset to the team. As an intern, I had the chance to provide a variety of clinical services such as individual and group therapy and participate in didactic trainings and staff meetings. Supervision was always held as a priority and the feedback I received was specific to my areas of challenge and strength. My supervisors were very encouraging and supportive of me in developing my own unique professional identity that was authentic to me and who I am as a clinician.

Coming on as an intern during the immense uncertainty of the pandemic was handled with grace and internship staff continued to grow alongside of me and my fellow interns in reshaping program needs that were mindful of having interns working and training remotely. This internship site has a great balance of challenge and support that grants each student enough time for thoughtful reflection and provides enough structure to move interns towards autonomous practice. Due to the depth of clinical experience, I was well prepared to take the next step in my career and I was lucky to have the opportunity to stay on as a full-time staff member.

Now that I have graduated with my provisional license, I am working towards gaining my hours towards full licensure. My internship experience allowed me to feel confident in this position and ready to tackle the challenges that come my way that are innate to this field. Volunteers of America is a wonderful organization and a great site for internship training. I highly recommend it for those who are applying for internship!

Laramie Valle MS, PPC
University of Wyoming

From a Partner University


My name is Dr. Alex Colvin. I have had the pleasure of working with VOA-Northern Rockies. I am a field liaison with Walden University and VOA was gracious enough to accept one of our students for an internship. Since I have worked with this organization, I have been thoroughly impressed with the learning opportunities they have provided for my student. The organization has aranged for her to have practice opportunities that has exposed her to therapeutic models to enabled her to develop as an advanced level social work practitioner. I want to thank you, VOA-Northern Rockies for partnering with Walden University. We hope we can continue this great partnership for many years to come.

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Meet our Clinical Supervisors

Jodi Ann Geis-Crowder, MS, LPC, ACS
Aimee Foster, Psy. D.

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