Coronavirus Disease and Young Adults

Hopeless Youth

You care, thank you for supporting Independent Living. Coronavirus Disease is robbing young adults of their jobs and means to support themselves. Your emergency gift supports kids struggling to transition to life on their own. Their jobs, schooling, housing and happiness are greatly threatened by COVID-19, and you can help. Transitioning to life on your own is hard in the best of times, but in times like this the inability to work or go to school is detrimental to building a healthy and happy life.

Because of you, there is a safety net that encourages young adults to work on skills for employment, enhances their educational opportunities and to pursue careers. The goal is to help them successfully enter adulthood as productive members of society, and last year 125 kids got help. 

What can you do? 

The best way to help is to commit to being a monthly donor, you'll be providing support through this crisis, and beyond.

Your monthly or one time gift allows us to continue to compassionately serve and strengthen young adults and empower them to build healthy and happy lives. Would you consider donating $100, $50 or $25 to Volunteers of America? 

Your partnership provides support to kids at this most vulnerable of times. Thank you for supporting Independent Living, with your continued commitment to young adults there is hope through this pandemic and beyond. Please call us to discuss how you can help. 

Evan Abla