Family Legacy Gathering

JOIN US June 7 & 8, 2019

Do it for your family!

We know that 90% of families fail when it comes to keeping the family unity and its assets together for more than three generations. 

  • Financial Planning protects and grows your money
  • Estate Planning prepares your money for your family
  • Heritage Design prepares your family for their inheritances

Heritage Design prepares your heirs to receive both their financial as well as their emotional inheritances. It shapes and guides the decisions people make regarding their financial and estate planning. Heritage design can be as simple as creating special family traditions that foster communication between family members, to the establishment of multi-generational family governance structures.

If 90% of families fail, what do the ‘successful’ 10% do differently? We discovered that the difference it is NOT in their financial or estate planning. The difference is that they add a 3rd element to their planning, known as Heritage Design.

The Heritage Institute

Heritage Design and your family 

In the heritage design process, families learn to:

  • Identify family stories, values, life lessons, experiences, and desired outcomes.
  • Communicate effectively on an adult-to-adult level.
  • Prepare & equip the next generations.
  • Work together, and mentor the children in the skills they’ll need to succeed as individuals and as a united family.

The principles of The Heritage Process® have nothing to do with money. They apply to people at all income levels because designing for the future of your money is not the same as designing for the future of your family.

Bring your family on June 7-8, 2019 to Sheridan, Wyoming to see and experience how The Heritage Process can help you and your family prepare now for the next generations.

This Family Legacy Gathering will be hosted by the Volunteers of America Northern Rockies and features two outstanding leaders:

Tom Rogerson, a recognized leader and pioneer in family governance throughout the world for three decades will be leading many of our discussions. Tom’s “6 Steps to Healthy Family Governance” will be used to assist families with communication, philanthropic vision, legacy planning, succession and education.

Rod Zeeb, Co-Founder and CEO of the Heritage Institute, and co-developer of the Heritage Process will also be leading and coaching at our Family Legacy Gathering.

Rod has over two decades of experience in estate planning, charitable planning, and heritage design. He is recognized internationally for his contributions to the field.

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June 7 from 11:00am-8:30pm & June 8 from 9:00am-2:00pm
At the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Sheridan, WY

To reserve seats at this limited event please call Allison Hunn at 307.672.0475