Cultivating emotional and spiritual health in the trenches

Thanks so much for taking the time to participate in the three-part series on Cultivating emotional and spiritual health in the trenches.

After you have completed the three videos, we ask that you take the time to thoughtfully answer the following questions in an email to Zoe Sailor at Please also include your name and contact information, so we can send you your CEU certificate for the completion of the training. 

  • According to our training, there are 3 differences found in the IFS process. List one of them and explain
  • What did you discover about your own inner landscape through this training?
  • What did you find most helpful about this training?

We are grateful to Dr. Alison Cook, the VOA National Church Endowment, and Cody Haar for providing this content, and our prayer is that it plays a powerful role in your life and those you serve.