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    ‘Mne For hmlis Pepl’

    Thor and Trevor are kindergarteners at Meadowlark Elementary School in Sheridan whose mom explained what a homeless person is. They weren’t just shocked and surprised. They were motivated. These two kids, driven by their huge hearts, began collecting money to help homeless people. Thor and Trevor gave because their heart told them that no one should have to sleep on the streets, and they could do something. If everyone followed their heart the way these two kids did, giving everything they could give, imagine what could be accomplished, what a better place we could make for everyone.

  • Colton at Camp 2014

    Wait … there’s more to the story

    He kept out of trouble, stayed involved in his school and community, earned good grades, excelled at sports and wanted to help the next generation of campers. At Camp, Colton showed what a leader he became. The process started at camp four years before, but had been refined every day since. Encouraging campers on his team through the hard moments, and celebrating with them in their success. "This camp changed everything for me," Colton shared. "It’s my hope that I can help be the difference in the lives of these kids."

    Send a Kid to Camp
  • Katelyn on campus

    "I owe my life to Volunteers of America"

    Katelyn is a great example of how that holistic and integrated approach can change lives. After a “very rough childhood” she found herself at rock bottom, in jail. That’s when a judge gave her the opportunity to come to Volunteers of America, and that’s when her life began to change. “The Gathering Place was the best and hardest three months of my life,” Katelyn explained. “Without that time there is no way I could have broken the chains of addiction.” “My first focus was to overcome addiction, but then I had to learn how to live a good life. That is what the Transitions and Independent Living Programs helped me with, and now I’m in a great place.”

    Rebuilding Whole Lives