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Mindy's Story

Mindy Godwin

Mindy's life was uprooted when her parents divorced and moved across the country. Feeling broken and alone, Mindy found solace in drugs and alcohol. She later graduated college and law school, had three children, purchased a home, and worked as a lawyer, all while battling her addiction. 

Mindy thought she was living the dream life that she had worked so hard for. That's when she fell down the slippery slope of her addiction to regular meth use - she had lost all control. Her life began to crumble, she lost her job and license to practice law, lost custody of her youngest child, and her home was foreclosed. 

It was time for Mindy to find help. And that is exactly what she found when she checked herself into treatment at Volunteers of America. She learned the tools needed for sobriety and she found her way back to a relationship with God. 

You can read Mindy's full story, or listen to her on Recovery Podcast