CEO's Message

A message from our Chief Executive Officer

I would think that the name says it all, and in some respect it does. Volunteers of America relies heavily on volunteers to accomplish its good work. For over 110 years volunteers have been a mainstay of our services. Nationally we are fortunate to have over 100,000 volunteers that support our efforts. Throughout our affiliate we have several hundred that give selflessly to our ministry of service. Most of the volunteers we encounter are what I refer to as “situational” volunteers. They assist us in different situations or activities that are time or event specific. A great example of this was the most recent Shelter Shine Up where volunteers from the community and Habitat for Humanity spent three days revitalizing the homeless shelter. Another example of where volunteers impact the organization situationally is through Camp POSTCARD Camp operates for a week in June providing leadership experiences for 5th and 6th grade children. The entire staff is made up of 40-50 volunteer law enforcement officers and community members providing mentorship and leadership to the children.

Most non-profits rely on volunteers within their operations and nearly all of them rely on a volunteer board of directors, including our own. Volunteers are the gatekeeper of critical resources for the organization and provide the networking necessary to function within the community. While Volunteers of America Northern Rockies is fortunate to have over 200 professional staff on board, we are grateful for all of the volunteers that assist us each year and continue to support our efforts with their time and resources. Quite honestly, we could not do most of the work we do without community support. It is our intention to continue building our volunteer network, and I would like to encourage you to contact us if you have an interest in serving. Just one day a year of service can make a significant difference in your life and in the lives of those we serve. Thank you for visiting our website.


Signature of Jeffrey M. Holsinger President & CEO of VOANR

Jeff_Holsinger.jpg Our CEO, Jeffrey M. Holsinger