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  • Beaver Creek Slide

    The 11th annual Beaver Creek Slide and second annual Beaver Creek Bike Slog takes place May 3, 2014. The Sheridan Community Homeless Shelter, operated by Volunteers of America Northern Rockies, receives $12.50 of each individual’s entry fee.

    Camp POSTCARD (Peace Officers Striving to Create and Reinforce Dreams) is a leadership and empowerment camp for Montana and Wyoming youth who are at-risk and in need of a positive experience and positive role models.
  • Recovery Graduation

    This annual event honors men and women who have gone through the recovery process of substance abuse and continue on the road of sobriety.
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Programs & Services

  • Juvenile Justice
    Volunteers of America Northern Rockies’s mission is to support Wyoming’s juvenile justice community in its efforts to best serve Wyoming’s youth.
  • Milestones Youth Home
    Milestones Youth Home provide children a nurturing environment that includes education, preparation and advancement services to those who are in a crisis or court-ordered to be there.
  • A.C.E. Program
    Accountability, Change, and Education Program is the only privatized school suspension program in the State of Wyoming.
  • Independent Transitional Living
    The Independant Living Program teaches life skills to youth that have experienced incarceration, treatment, homelessness or out of home placement.
  • Johnson County Youth & Community Services
    Johnson County Youth & Community Services provides sanctioning options to the courts and accountability for youthful offenders to ultimately deter juveniles from crime.
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